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Project Description

This is a small tool for give a simple overview of bugs assigned to anyone (or team) in the source control system and show all their status, severity.

It will like the bugger tool for Product Studio in MS. Can helped people a lot in efficiently tracking bugs assigned to he or she.
For anyone want to have a gadget as a simple dashboard for bugs, this is what he want.

For source code

This project use the core library of me.
So please download the Related project (the Framework):
All the source code can also be found in the GitHub: the Application and the Framework

Put the two solutions in the same folder and remove the suffix.
Then open the solution file in the “Bugger” folder.

The change log

To see what features in this version or the future, please go to Change Log.

For anything else

Please go to the documentation to get more information. Or you can send the mail to me.

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